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Warm Feet?  Is it actually possible to have warm feet during winter?  Read on to find out how easy it is.


Warm feet help you feel warm all over.  During the cold months of the year, one of the areas of your body that get cold are your feet. They are furthest away from your heart so it is natural for them for them to be cold. It takes the longest time for nutrition through the blood supply to reach the extremities of the body. So how can you keep your feet warm?  Below are simple tips to maintain warmth in your feet.


  1. Wear two pair of socks instead of one thick pair. Two pairs of socks insulate the feet better than one thick pair. Try it yourself and see how warm you feel.
  1. Buy wool socks instead of cotton socks. It is worthwhile to invest in good quality socks. When your feet sweat and produce moisture, cotton looses all its insulating properties. Wool socks help to maintain the warm in the feet even with the moisture of the sweat. Wool dries quicker than other synthetic materials. In addition wool has natural antibacterial properties, which make it odour resistant.
  1. Keep exercising. A few simple foot exercises just for a few minutes will help you keep warm feet.   You don’t know what exercises to do? Go to my contact page http://amarisafootsteps.co.uk/contact-2/ and sign up for free foot exercises.
  1. Use a warming cream. There are a variety of creams available which contain natural ingredients to stimulate the circulation in your feet.


  1. Use an insulated hot water bottle or a warm foot soak. There is nothing like a cosy insulated hot water bottle on a cold day to keep you warm. You can either place it around your feet and wrap up with a blanket sitting on the sofa or put it under your duvet before going to bed. Another good warming tip is to soak your feet in warm water with salt before going to bed.



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